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OMRAN'19 Conference

​OMRAN’19 is the first edition of an architectural forum consisting of a three-week exhibition from 21 August to 11 September at Beit Beirut, and a two-day conference on 30-31 August hosted by the Department of Architecture and Design at AUB, organized by the Collective for Architecture Lebanon (CAL) under the patronage of the Municipality of Beirut. This year’s main theme is “Architecture of the Territory: the paradoxical relationship of the state and its territorial planning.”

The exhibition showcases proposals of territorial projects in Lebanon and in the MENA region that have been developed, researched and conceived across academic and professional contexts. These include proposals from essential institutions, organizations, young professionals, artists and photographers that are engaged across the architectural, urban and political discourses.

To what extent does the planning of a territory rely on its governing power structure? What role does the State play in organizing its territory? What is a territory and how can architecture create cohesiveness? How can the state have an impact on its inhabitants by implementing national strategies?