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OMRAN - Architecture of the Territory

OMRAN’19 will feature an exhibition and a two-day conference around this year’s main theme “Architecture of the Territory: the paradoxical relationship of the state and its territorial planning.”

The forum seeks to open the debate around the (re) organization of the Lebanese territory on various scales and address the importance of a territorial plan and vision to ensure the nation’s future prosperity.

The exhibition will showcase proposals of territorial projects in Lebanon that have been developed, researched and conceived across academic and professional contexts.
25 academic works, research projects, 7 photographers, 2 installations and 15 collaborators will be part of the exhibited material, belonging to alumni, students, institutions, organizations, photographers and artists.

The conference (30 & 31 August 2019) will include international key speakers, and members from the public and private sectors, and academia, to further discuss the main questions posed by the territoriality of architecture. We will announce the program soon !

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