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Hiking then Camping then Hiking in the region of Meziara is the trip on 29 & 30 September 2012...

A special camp is waiting for us in the weekend of 29 & 30 September. The Footprints Nature Club would like to invite to join our:

On the Move Camp in Meziara Region

Why on the move? Well the trip will start on Saturday 29 September. The bus will take us from Beirut at 2:30 PM to Sawaki Meziara. We will carry our bags that will include the camping stuff (tents, jackets, food, water, sleeping bags, etc…) and start a walk from Sawaki Meziara down to Ghabet 3imar (Imar Forest). The walk will be of around 11 KMs that shall take between 4 to 5 hours. It is of a Medium level (6 to 7/10). Most of the trail is a downhill from the elevation of around 1500 meters down to 1100 meters. The walk will start around 6:30 PM, and all of the walk will be at night under the full moonlight and using our torches.

When we arrive to 3imar, we will mount our tents under the trees in the very beautiful and extraordinary Pine forest of 3imar, build our camp fire, spend our night around the fire, and then go for a short sleep.
The next morning, we will wake up early, have our breakfast, pack our stuff, and walk towards Karm El-Mohr and then to Bka3 Sefreen. The walk will be of a Medium level (6 to 7/10) of around 11 KMs that shall take between 4 to 5 hours.

We will have several options for this trip:
1.If you are fit enough, you will do all the trip with us as scheduled above
2.Or you can come with us in the bus on Saturday and walk with us from Sawaki Meziara to the camp without walking the next day. On Sunday, you will meet us by the bus in Bka3 Sefreen.
3.Or you can come with us on Saturday and stay in the bus till we reach the camp. You can camp with us and then walk with us on Sunday to Bka3 Sefreen.

For more information, please check the event on our website by clicking this link:

For reservations, please call 03876112...

See you.

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