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"On the Silk Road" Exhibition at The Silk Museum - Musée de la Soie Bsous

Silk was the best kept secret of the ancient world. A secret that created a trade route across cold mountains, lush valleys and arid deserts to reach across the west.

For over three thousand years, this was the main land route of commercial, cultural, scientific and religious transaction between the mysterious Orient and the intrigued Occident.

The Silk Road is not just a one road but it's constituted of many land routes originating from CHina and leading to Rome via many diverse geographical destinations that served as outposts and markets for the transfer of goods from the Orient. The land Silk Road expanded around 7000 kilometers.

The Exhibition "On the Silk Road" takes you on an amazing journey through the private collection of the Silk Museum and you will marvel at the colour, sheen and the sheer luxury of cloth.

Adults: 8000 LL
Students: 5000 LL

Gardening Workshops: 10 000 LL

For more info: 05-940767