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Photography for beginners
Tutor: Tanya Atallah (MFA Photographer)
Course description:
During this course, you will consider the basics of digital photographic practice. We will explore the fundamental knowledge of photography techniques and key elements of this method of image-making. Assistance and guides will be offered to all students during the course.
You will be fully supported and will have the opportunity to develop your own personal practice, know how to use your digital camera to produce your photos.
The course is a practice based on specific projects from session to session. Each class will include a correction session where you will be encouraged to share your photos and receive feedback, as well as form opinions about other students’ work.

Course content:
Session 1: Introduction to the course; understanding camera formats; focus, Frames, and Angles;
Session 2: Shutter speed, built-in light meter, correct exposure, ISO; exposure triangle;
Session 3: Aperture and its relation to shutter speed, shooting in manual mode;
Session 4: Lenses: different kinds and mode of use;
Session 5: Depth of field;
Session 6: Use of available light, white balance;
Session 7: Basic rules of composition, Contrast;
Session 8: Final Correction and small multiple-choice test.

Entry Requirements
This practical, Introductory Level course is designed both for beginners and those wishing to refresh previous knowledge.

Materials and Equipment
You will need a DSLR camera, Tripod, a notebook, a pen.
Please note that all courses are subject to student numbers and will only run if sufficient numbers are achieved. In the unlikely event of cancellation, the fee will be refunded in full.

Fee: 250 USD or 975.000 LBP
How to book:
As spaces are limited, we require advance bookings. Once payment has been made, you are guaranteed a place. We accept bank transfer, cash payment, or western union.
To complete your registration, please e-mail or ring 9613914034.

Fine Art Photography Academy: 961 71 011 977, Zalka, Starbucks bldg. 5th floor
Beirut, Lebanon