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  • Tuesday Nov 27 2012 from 06:00 pm until 09:00 pm
  • Wednesday Nov 28 2012 until Saturday Dec 01 2012 from 11:00 am until 07:00 pm
  • Galerie Tanit, East Village Building, Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

The opening of the new space of "Galerie Tanit" with an exhibition of Walid Sadek

Espace Kettaneh Kunigk (Tanit) has now
a new Name : Galerie Tanit - Beyrouth and a new Space.
Galerie Tanit - Beyrouth is very happy to invite you to the inauguration of the all new 500sqm gallery located in the upcoming art & culture hub of Beirut: Mar Mikhael, where it started in 2007. A return to its sources !
The new Beirut gallery is an impressive showplace for contemporary art, just like Galerie Tanit in Munich, that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. It will be dedicated to a selection of established as well as emerging contemporary artists, both Lebanese and International,
who share the purpose of the founder Naila Kettaneh Kunigk which is to create an environment for creation that should reflect upon the meaning of art today.
The gallery plans on bringing new artists from around the world and the larger space will provide the ability to present space related exhibitions, work with guest curators, and show part of the gallery’s collection; a space for film and videos is also planned.
Our first show will be an installation by the artist and writer Walid Sadek, entitled “ On the labour of missing “.
“The austere work of Sadek”, as described by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie in The National Newspaper , “will strike you in what it evokes with the so little he presents …”.
During the last months of this year, Espace Kettaneh Kunigk (Tanit) at Gefinor – Hamra will keep on showing the photographs of Sylvio Tabet and later on will hold a painting exhibition by Rima Saab and close its doors on January 15th 2013.

"On the Labour of Missing"
by Walid Sadek

“…This is why I have gradually come to think of my work within the purview of four labours: the labour of mourning in the presence of the corpse, the labour of the ruin, the labour of seeing by way of death and the labour of missing. In thinking this latter I propose that those who wait for the disappeared must begin to transform their waiting – a wasting
away – into a labour of missing through which the disappeared are objectified within an unquiet absence that is made to cohabit the conversation of the over-livers, namely those who continue to live the time of a protracted civil war. The labour of missing is an attempt to theorize what over-livers must do in order to maintain the forcibly disappeared present, even if tangibly absent. Their labour inters the disappeared in this protracted now. I, therefore, do not approach absence as an interregnum between a disappearance and reappearance.”

From a conversation with Jacko Restikian (2011)

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