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The oriental dance course is a fun, inspiring, and energetic way to do fitness and connect to your body, mind, and soul with oriental music and its rhythms. It is recommended for all ages and physical types,benefiting your health, self confidence and femininity. The course aims to teach the good coordination of the movements of all body parts with the music, make your hip movements more accurate with the beat as well as learning how to isolate moves in parts of the body. The class starts with a short warm up and stretching and goes through some explanation of moves and then lots of practice with improvised or choreographed sequences. Fusion of the oriental with other dance styles can be also experienced during the class that can be enjoyed for the ones trying to learn it for a social personal or professional reason. Naima Yazbek, Brazilian with Lebanese origins, 44 years old, she started dancing different dance styles at a young age, went through Capoeira and Brazilian dances and in 1996 started practicing, then performing and teaching oriental dance. Naima performed in many countries such as Germany, England, Spain, and Brazil, Jordan, Syria and Egypt for the last 6 years she has lived in Lebanon, and has been practicing in hundreds of events and marriages, video clips, performing as a solo or group dancer.

Fees: 4 Classes 45$

DROP IN: 12$

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