This event has passed.

Oriental Night with Khodor Hassoun - Every Saturday!

Every Saturday is our Oriental night where we turn down the lights, turn back the clock and listen to the songs that remind us of the good old days. Where new friends are made and old friends reunite.

Khodor Hassoun has been playing his mesmerising oud accompanied by the derbake at Caravanserail for the last 24 years. His voice perfectly capturing the raw emotions from joy to heartache in the songs he plays, he is able to transport you to other worlds whilst you are in the Caravanserail world, away from the pressures of modern life in our safe haven.

Please call 01 350 199 or message us through Facebook or Instagram at @CaravanserailBeirut to reserve a table and experience an evening where the fine music matches the atmosphere and hospitality created by George and his team and the very walls themselves.

Only 10000LL music charge and full menu on offer. Please note that Caravanserail is a cash only venue and is unable to process card payments.

Located immediately next to the iconic Commodore Hotel in Hamra.

Doors open at 10pm, music from 11pm. Bring your dancing shoes!