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  • Thursday Jun 21 2012 from 06:00 pm until 09:00 pm
  • Friday Jun 22 2012 until Saturday Jul 21 2012 from 04:00 pm until 09:00 pm
  • Art Circle
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

Art Circle Gallery
cordially invites you to

"Out of Eden"

Opening reception on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 6:00 P.M.
in presence of the artist

The exhibition runs from June 21 till July 21 , 2012

“Flowers have been a classical source of inspiration throughout ages and cultures. We admire them, contemplate them and meditate on their forms. Flowers are used to celebrate life as much as death. I chose to cherish each one of these living forms until they withered and died; watching them bloom and fall, mesmerized by their charm.

Suffocated by the new concrete blocks, there is barely room to breathe in the city. Immersed in the fresh beauty of flowers, I juxtaposed them next to open windows hoping they will make me forget the noise and dust outside. I visualized the high rises behind them; ruthless concrete invading the panorama and reshaping the land of our ancestors, the ancient mythical Phoenicians. Then again, the flower still emerges amidst rubble and stone as symbol of hope and peace.”

Born in Lebanon in 1960, Mona Jabbour holds a degree in Advertising from the BUC, in Fine Arts from the University of New York and a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, New York. After her study years, she returns to her home country and engages in the art she had been practicing since childhood. Her insightful work revolves around Beirut in its past, present and future, using a style of her own. She exhibits regularly in Beirut and acts as a full-time lecturer in art and design at the Lebanese American University. She regularly attends workshops in Europe, namely on printmaking, ceramics and artist books.

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