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Paragliding Tandem with Purple Pineapple Pot

Paragliding Course & Tandem Flight - Every Saturday

If you’ve ever wanted to soar like an eagle and get a bird’s eye view of the world, join us today to benefit from this ground handling session followed by a tandem flight.

Have you ever wished to discover the art of handling the paraglider?

This introductory course will offer you the opportunity to experience the freedom of flight on the thermal wind pattern beneath you and learn how to launch and land the paraglider, which is perfect for anyone looking for a hands-on experience of a lifetime!

Price: $245

For more info: 03/121990

Paragliding Tandem Flight - Every Sunday

Discover the majestic beauty of Lebanon from up, with our paragliding tandem flight. You will experience freedom and joy of flying high up till the sky.

What better way is there to discover the majestic beauty of Lebanon other than by admiring it from up high? Get the chance to fly up, up and above the Lebanese coast and lock this amazing experience for all your life.

The session duration will be around 1 hour, it will include:

A small briefing about the techniques and the flight
Gearing up for the flight
A flight for 10 to 20 minutes depending on the weather conditions

Price: $120

For more info: 03/121990

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