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Parental Coaching with Chaden Maalouf Najjar

How to foster your kids while managing the stress?
How to help your kids in their development?
How to organize your time while making sure you are living life to its fullest?
How to increase your kid’s self confidence?
How to manage your teenage kid’s crisis?
How to manage education as a couple?
How to deal with the challenges as a couple?

Chaden Maalouf Najjar
Following a teaching experience of 10 years at the Lycée Franco-Libanais of Beirut, Chaden Maalouf Najjar opened her own company C & C Najjar specialising in electronic archiving. Following close training with Philippe Cazanave (life coach, psycho-corporal therapy expert and heading Primitive Evolutions and Label du Bon Sens),Chaden is now a full-time life coach and a personal development assistant. She is also author of « La Route des Abeilles », a novel under Editions Anne Carrière. Chaden recently completed a Basic & Advanced DNA ThetaHealing instructor. She is certified from The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) in Montana.

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