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Parenting Skills & Anti-Bullying Workshop

Synkers, in partnership with Life Coach Maya, are organizing an interactive workshop, allowing parents of pre-teens and teens to understand how to build self-confidence to raise emotionally healthy children, how to manage a well-balanced individual and parent life, and explore the ideal ways to deal with different types of bullying.

The workshop will empower you to:
- understand your child’s challenges and find easy solutions to implement;
- gain practical tools to improve your child’s attention, academic performance, social skills, behavior, emotional intelligence and health, self-regulation and self-confidence;
- make your parenting journey a more creative, positive and connected experience;
- create a well-balanced life as a parent, and individual; and
- understand and deal with the different types of bullying that children are facing today, whether they are the bully or the victim.

For more information, call us at 70 030 513.

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