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Peaknic at Frozen Cherry

This Sunday, we'll be rolling out the checkered blankets and food baskets to transform Frozen Cherry and Dublin Room into a picture-perfect picnic with a modern twist and a breathtaking view!
Soak up in the summer haze on Sunday afternoon and indulge in gourmet picnic crates filled with yummy goods.
A smooth selection of classics, funk, soul and house, awaits you, complemented by the techy vibes of Dublin Room, tailor-made for a dreamy day & night on the grass:
. Frozen Cherry Floor
Ralph Nasr Music
Gourmand Le Singe
. Dublin Room Floor
Eli Atala - ELI
Peaknic will be the quintessential hip garden party above the clouds at Frozen Cherry, with Dublin Room inside for your darkest adventures.
Book your spot on: 71 661 225
Entrance: 20,000 LBP
Stay Safe!

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