This event has passed.

Participants for PK14 :

Alexandre Paulikevitch - عل وحده و نص

Bouchra Ezzahir - La nuit nous appartient

Charbel Aoun – Free Tree
Facebook Page :!/groups/freetreegroup/

Dina Baroud - Tripoli Nuclear Zone

Fadi Shayya – In defense of concrete

Mira Minkara - Trablos,why the bad reputation?
Facebook Page :

Mona Merhi – Sahbeh, readership initiative
Website :
Facebook Page:سحبه/167285700826

Munir Nabti - 6mins & 40 secs to wow your crowd
Website :
Twitter: @dmnabti

Nizar Ghanem - Terdad

Wadih Ayoub – To paint, I close my thick door

Waste - Flex, eco-friendly products

For further information please contact :

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