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The Photo-Touring Workshops with Mazen Jannoun

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The aim of the Photo Touring photography workshops is to technically and creatively empower your passionate desire about photography while at the same time enjoy spending a fresh day with a group that shares your passion for photography, the outdoors, beautiful places, shopping and great food.

Apart from visiting and enjoying the places, we will dig the following:
. How to see when we look
. Developing a consistent style
. Identifying subjects that reflects our storytelling
. Deciding on our composition before looking through the viewfinder
. Interacting with the subjects effectively and avoiding confrontation
. Observing the colors, light and shadows for our advantage
. Make the best use of our equipment, even a smart phone
. Confirm our final selection and conclude an interesting project

Workshop level: photo-enthusiast and advanced amateurs.

Cost (per person):
USD 35. workshop/lectures/field work.

For subscriptions you can contact the following numbers:
Direct mobile: +961 72 990175
Or send your full name and the message "Subscribe for Sunday April 14-2019" to the following Whatsapp number: +39 3292397623. I will follow up with you for additional details.

About Mazen Jannoun

Born in Beirut in 1974 and now based between Italy and Lebanon. In 1996 I began collaborating as a photographer for local publications and in 2003 I began my professional career in the commercial photography sector specializing in jewellery, still-life, architecture, urban landscapes and photo-reportage. In 2013 I was selected to exhibit at the "Festival PhotoMed 2013" in Sanary-Sur-Mer, an international photography festival highlighting Mediterranean photographers alongside masters such as Nino Migliori and Gabriele Basilico who were protagonists during that year. My project "Watercolor" which depicts the ecological and social conditions of the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon was published in a photographic book entitled "Watercolor, la côte libanaise by Mazen Jannoun" by the editor Tamyras, and later the work was exhibited by the French Institute in Lebanon IF, for the duration of one year as an ecological awareness campaign. In 2013 I was awarded the "Scanno dei Fotografi, Premio Internazionale di Fotografia" in Scanno, Italy. In 2014 I was selected to create a project on the theme of Belonging for the Pomilio Blumm Photo Award which was exhibited at the Italian embassy in Brussels.

Apart from my commercial work, I am passionately active in documenting people and places in the urban context as well as investigating the shifting identity of immigrants and expats. My latest project called "One by One" will be featured in September during the "Phot'Aix 2019, Regards Croisés" in Aix-en-Provence, curated by Brigitte Manoukian, director of the art gallery La Fontaine Obscure.


When and where:
Sunday 14th of April, 2019. (9am till 7pm).
First part in the village of Douma
Second part in the port city of Batroun

- Morning meetup point: 9am, Douma square, Douma, We can have breakfast here before beginning the course and touring the town.

Google maps, type "Douma square"
or paste this map link:

We leave Douma and head for Batroun around 1pm

About Douma:
Douma is a Lebanese village located at an altitude of 1150 m. It is 80 km from Beirut, 30 km from Jbeil (byblos) and 43 km from Tripoli. Douma is a part of the Batroun District and is known for its special location in a valley surrounded by mountains. Almost all its houses are made of red brick and most of the historical center dates back to the 16th century. Douma witnessed different civilizations including ancient Greece, ancient Rome and Turkey. However, the Ottoman Empire left the largest impact on Douma's inhabitants. The name Douma is of Greek origin meaning "house", "palace" or "castle" and has all the symbols of a traditional Lebanese village, with its charming houses, old paved streets and rich souk whith the local merchants selling home-made specialties like halawa, olive oil, jams crafts and organic natural soaps

- Afternoon meetup point: 2pm, Chez Maguy restaurant in Batroun for lunch (not obligatory) and workshop after. Participants can have lunch anywhere they wish and join back with the group at 3:30pm.

Lunch Time: 2pm to 3:30pm.
Not included in the workshop fee. Orders are separately paid.

Chez Maguy seafood restaurant is near the ancient Phoenician wall and the Bahsa bay public beach.
Location on Google maps, type "Chez Maguy Batroun"
or paste this map link:

We stay in Batroun until 7 pm

About Batroun:
Batroun is a coastal city in northern Lebanon and one of the oldest cities in the world. It is the capital city of Batroun District. Historians believe that the name of the town is derivative of the Phoenician words, beit truna, which translates to house of the chief. Citrus groves surround Batroun, and the town has been famous for its fresh lemonade sold at the cafés and restaurants on its main street. Founded by the Phoenician king Ithobaal I, Batroun was a busy port in ancient times but was levelled by an earthquake and mudslides in AD 551. Today Batroun still has a vivid glimpse of the past with charming historical neighborhoods and unforgettable sea views.

Equipment can be whatever that can capture general photos. You will be good with a functional smart phone cam or any digital or film camera, just make sure your batteries don't run out! You can bring a lightweight tripod but it is not necessary in this workshop. The aim is to learn how to create captivating travel and street photography series with the minimum of hassle and carry-around.

There will be sitting but mostly walking so you may want to put on your soft walking shoes. All day we will share our route live on google maps via whatsapp, so no worries for showing up late or getting lost during the day, we can locate each other easily. Bring a sun hat just in case and a jacket because it may get cold in the mountain, and wear a backpack to hold your shopping stuff so that your hands will remain free for photography.

After the workshop:
Apart from an enjoyable day taking photographs and strolling in the mountain and on the beach, each participant will have the chance to email us later during the week a selection of 10 to 15 photos from the workshop day, with an accompanying descriptive text. Each project will be published in an album under the photographer's name on our Facebook page, for an online photo fest that will be shared expansively.

Direct mobile: 76 990175. Whatsapp: +39 3292397623

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