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Also known as The "I'm-not-a-photographer-but-wanna-take-good-pictures" Workshop

This workshop targets every individual interested in taking better pictures with their camera. Be it their smartphone, their little point-and-shoot, or their fancy professional DSLR that looks harder to operate than an airplane’s cockpit.

The workshop will familiarize you with how cameras work, especially your very own camera. It will train you on how to take better picture in various conditions, and will give you the basic skills to digitally retouch, enhance, and manipulate your photographs.

Our workshop won’t waste your time with details that are only significant to professional photographers, or with skills that you will never use again after completing the workshop. We guarantee you that every thing you learn here is applicable every single time you grab your phone or camera to take a photo of your loved ones, fluffy pets, or even beautiful natural scenery.

The workshop is split into two days. Attending both days is optional.

Session 1 - Photography Basics

You need to have a camera with you. Bring your best camera, even if it was your smartphone.

How to pick a camera to buy (category - megapixels - features - lens - accessories)
Exposure (shutter speed - aperture - ISO)
Lens (focus, zoom, depth-of-field (also known as: how do I make the background blurry))
The Flash: best (and worst) practices
Low light photography
White Balance
Image Composition
Using the Timer

Session 2 - Photo Editing Basics

You need to have a laptop with you to be able to practice the skills. The laptop should have installed Photohop version CS3 or later, or any other equivalent software (ex. Software should be already installed before the session. If you need help with that please let us know.

Why image manipulation?
Improving exposure
Improving distortions
Basic layers
Color manipulation
Working with text

Both sessions are for $100 and that also includes a brunch if you are joining the Saturday session, and coffee break with snacks for the weeknight sessions.

Or you can attend one of the sessions for $75.


Option 1
Saturday 30/11 - 12 till 6

Ali Chehade - A self taught, professionally, and academically trained photographer with 12 years of experience. Specialized in natural light and every day photography. Ali's professional background is in media production, especially for television.

Reservation is required as places are limited. For more information please call Ali Chehade at 03-048487

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