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Photography Workshop

This workshop is an exciting take on the medium of photography, through learning how to operate a camera and understanding how to compose a photograph.
Participants will dive into the world of photography through camera components and will have group discussions to help them build better visuals and learn from each other’s snaps.

Photography Workshop
With Cliff Makhoul
Level: Basic
Dates: January 10 - 17 - 24 & 31 from 6 to 9 pm
A total of 12 hours (4 sessions)
Maximum number of participants: 8

Workshop fee: 200$
Early Bird Price: 160$ (if registration is completed before December 20)

For more info. and/or registration, please contact Nouhad at 71/822923

The workshop is divided into 4 sessions of 3 hours each:

Session I

• Introduction to photography with a small history about the medium itself
• Camera components part I
• Composition presentation
• Launching of the project Rule of third
Point of interest

Session II

• Camera components part II
Exposure triangle
Exposure modes
White Balance
• Project discussion
• Project part II Unusual viewpoint
Foreground – Background

Session III

• Camera components part III White Balance
File size and resolution
Lens focal length
• Project discussion
• Project part III

Session IV

• Camera components part IV
Depth of Field
• Project discussion
• Practical work on composition

About the tutor:

Cliff Makhoul was born in Beirut Lebanon.
He studied Photography at the Université Saint Esprit de Kaslik – Lebanon, graduating with a BA in photography in 2009.
Cliff is currently undertaking his Masters of Arts in Design at Notre Dame University - Louaize.
In 2010, he participated in Ehdeniyat, part of a group show exhibiting his project: La Ville, Architecture Urbaine du Hazard
In 2010, he also participated in a group show for students from USEK andfrom Alba in Maasser el shouf, exhibiting his project: La Ville, Architecture Urbaine du Hazard

Cliff is currently the studio assistant for the photography program at Notre Dame University – Louaize as well as a freelancer photographer working for different clients on various projects.

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