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With Mr. Carlos Lahoud


Course description

Even for students who have been working with Photoshop for years, this course proves there is always more to learn by focusing on the professional production techniques Adobe Photoshop uses to achieve the most effective visual results. The goal of this course is to explore advanced techniques while stressing the design process. Ideal for the student’s eager to continue their exploration of Photoshop, work with advanced layer techniques, gain an understanding of how to use curves and other adjustment layers for image enhancement. Learn to sharpen images for output, explore several advanced Photoshop techniques, including seamless compositions and advanced layering techniques, portrait retouching, tool, and palette customizing, and creative special effects for print, screen, and the Web. Group critiques are also included.

By the end of the course, the student will understand how to:

Students will gain a working knowledge of Photoshop and develop their skills in editing and altering photographs for through a basic understanding of the toolbar, layers, and the adjustments panel. This course will take a look at the basic yet powerful features of Photoshop.
You will discover the vast possibilities of traditional tools, and develop an understanding of sophisticated layering techniques. Exercise files will be available for each class, but you are encouraged to bring your own images to work on during studio time.
Throughout this course, you will learn the tools you need to be more efficient in your photo-editing skills and to increase the flexibility and quality of your artwork.
At the beginning of each class, we will do a quick review and answer any questions students may have after completing the homework assignments.
New information will be introduced, accompanied by exercise files that the students are encouraged to use and work along with during the instruction.
Generally, the class will have two demo sessions with work periods in between to allow time for students to work on their own, practice their skills, and ask specific questions one-on-one.

Topics Include:

Mastering the effects of the clone and healing brush tools
Understanding and working with Layers and the Adjustments Panel
Understanding the basics of Masking
Transforming and maximizing Smart Objects
Employing Smart Filters to create interesting effects
Color correction
Working with text and vector shapes in PSD
File formats, resizing and saving
Actions and Batch Processing

By the end of this course, students will be equipped with the skills to produce and edit images with professional results.

Course Materials:

Flash Drive - Transfer digital files back and forth from each class session
Windows / Mac Laptop (8GB ram, 500 GB hard disk…)
Adobe Photoshop CC (2015.5 or 2017)
Prerequisites: Adobe Photoshop Basic
Cost: 380 USD
P.S: Book for Basic + Advance and benefit from 15% discount (620 USD instead 730 USD)

Places are limited, Early booking is highly recommended
Call FAPA – Fine Art Photography Academy: 71-011977
Zalka, Starbucks bldg. 5th floor