This event has passed.

After the heart growing feedback we received,
and upon the plenty requests from people who couldn't attend
just Before we Take things to the next level..
Pimp My Mind will be Re-Run!

To give you a hint,
This is not a seminar..
This is not a workshop..
and definitely this is not another lecture of what you should and shouldn't do ..
This is an experience,
This a ride,
a journey,
full of fun, knowledge, challenge and inspiration..

Join us for the out-of-the box Motivational event on Saturday February 21st, 2PM - 6PM at Théâtre Gemmayze for an experience that will Pimp your Mind!
ATTENTION: we moved the venue to Theatre Beryte instead of Theatre Gemmayze.

Check Trailer:

Have you ever felt down and powerless with no energy to sustain the day?
On the other hand, have you ever been so excited and felt like standing on top of the world?
Are you tired of being “okay” while knowing you have the potential to be “Awesome”?
What if you can control your mood and put yourself in a resourceful state at any time you desire.
At some point in our life, we all doubt ourselves and wish we had more motivation, more determination and more confidence.
What would you do if self-doubt wasn’t an issue anymore? Can you wonder the NEW choices you would make?
What postponed dreams would you go for? What brave projects would you start?
What great genius would you reveal?
Imagine how your life would be then, and what can you accomplish with a mindset like that.

•Motivational Speaker Roger Attieh
•Special Guest Appearance, Elie Mitri
•Eargasmic tunes with Nour Nimri

Arabic and English

Expect your Friends to be Jumping, Singing, Laughing and even Breaking Stuff in a Cool Way!

Tickets on sale at Librairie Antoine
and online:
(Limited seats available)

Facebook Page:
Facebook event:

Early Bird Tickets: $35 instead of $50 Before January 29th
After January 29th:
•Single ticket, 50$
•Couples, 80$
•Group of 4, 150$

A Unique Experience?... You might even say it's Awesome!

i Lead - inspirational Leadership Team

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