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Let's celebrate Beirut! Let's have a toast for the good, the bad and the ugly that Beirut has brought us from nightlife, to culture, to poetry... especially to poetry.

Let's celebrate Beirut as we celebrate our regular Poetry Night's third anniversary, as we open our heart, mind and soul about our experiences, feelings and changes that we went through in our “beloved” city.

Let’s celebrate Beirut with our amazing line-up:
- Tamara Khoury, author of أرواح غالية
- Majd Shidiac: poet & founder of The Poetry Pot
- Abdallah Kamal Jouaid: poet, social activist & author of عن غير قصد & رقصٌ وولادة
- Asameena Afifeh Halabi: author of مش مهم & ... نقط
- Wael Kanaan: scriptwriter, poet & founder of
- Reem Chaalan: poet, mathematician & listener in the making
- Rita Barotta: Singer, Performer, Poet & the author of Mes Actes, مفردة & هرطقة بلون سرير
- Hani Al Sawah ‘Darwish’: Poet, rapper & recording artist of أرض السمك

With special musical breaks from two of our favorite talents Marwan Zein on Oud, Ghida M. Knio on vocals and Richard Hanna on percussions.

The microphone will be open to anyone who feels like sharing a thought, a tale or a dusty old note that must not be forgotten.

The night will be wrapped by the below signings:
- Abdallah Kamal Jouaid’s book: رقصٌ وولادة
- Asameena Afifeh Halabi’s book: نقط …
- Rita Barotta’s book: مفردة
- Hani Al-Sawah ‘Darwish’’s album: أرض السمك

The night will be hosted by Richard Hanna as usual.

Entrance fees? A drink of your choice + 2000 L.L
Cantina Sociale is located next to Caribou Coffee in Ashrafieh, Istiklal Street.

Tel: 01 334 714

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