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Pól - Debut EP Launch

Live Concert
Wednesday, June 5, 8.45pm

Ticket on Antoine and will also be on sale at the door.

\\About the Artist//
Pól is a singer-songwriter based in Beirut, Lebanon. A modern dreamer, Pól finds ecstasy in the beauty of nature, capturing passing clouds, old vintage buildings, doors and windows, tracking beauty in her daily rhythm… Humming vanishing harmonies and finding them later on piano notes, within the intimate setting of her music space.
With a history of music in her life, Paola - her given name - started her journey as a singer in church choirs, guitar lessons, poetry and songwriting. In 2018, Pól was born amidst a breakup and several trips through NYC, California, Prague and Barcelona - cities that inspired emotions… emotions that flowed into words and melodies.
Welcome to the world of Pól.

Conversation With A Stranger (Official Music Video)

\\About the Performance//
Indie-electro-pop artist from Beirut, Paola will be performing live for the first time as Pól, her debut EP songs from her upcoming EP ‘In my lonesomeness’. This live concert takes the audience on an intimate journey into the melodic and inspiring world of Pól. CDs will be on sale at the door.

Paola Ibrahim: vocals, keys, synth, guitar
Ramzi Khalaf: guitar, keys
Rany Battikh: bass, synth
Fouad Afra: drums

\\About the Opening Act//
Lee Van Cleef: A unique Beirut based Indie Grunge act created out of love for old spaghetti western movies and music that rocks. The band's front man, Alex Abi Hanna, will be performing a solo act right before Pól's show, introducing the audience to some of Lee Van Cleef's tunes.

\\Major Benefactors//
Saadallah and Loubna Khalil Foundation

\\Major Donnors//
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beirut

City Of Beirut

\\Media Partners//
Light FM Lebanon | Promomedia | Al-Akhbar | VDL 93.3 | المدن - almodon

71 616 624

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