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Positive Empowerement
Become the best version of yourself
Shape your life by shaping your thoughts
Take control of your life
Go for your dreams!

Anita Papas
Anita Papas is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Beirut, Lebanon. Her busy and successful clinical career was not to stop her from pursuing her passion for writing. She is the first and only clinical psychologist who has published self-help books in the region. Her titles, “The Positive You!” 2009, “The Positive Us!” 2010 , “Go for it!” 2012, and “Breaking, Not Broken” 2015, have received immense recognition nationally and internationally and have been occupying the best selling lists ever since their publication. Anita is an accomplished communicator who is passionate about the power of positivity and personal growth with the general public. She is an effective public speaker, participating in motivational seminars, TV interviews, talk show panels, and is a popular guest speaker at universities and organizations. Her presenting skills along with her passionate message have turned her into one of the most sought after public speakers in the region. Join Anita in this amazing 4 session workshop to empower yourself with positivity. During which you will be guided to discover and rediscover your strengths, learn to turn your mind into your positive world, to take control of your life and get motivated to pursue your life goals and dreams!

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