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Prenatal Classes at Bellevue Medical Center

The pre-natal educational program at Bellevue Medical Center provides new mothers with a series of classes that help them prepare for the major experience of labor and delivery, answer their questions and fears, and make them feel more confident about their pregnancy and the birth process. It is accessible to any new mother, even if not planning to deliver at the hospital. Sessions cover various engaging topics related to both pregnancy and birth. They also include discussions, breathing, relaxation, baby care, bath demonstration, baby CPR, mother care in postpartum and muscle strengthening exercises. Sessions start at the 28 weeks of pregnancy until delivery. They are given in a beautiful, serene setting at the hospital. A special class is reserved for a popular “aquagym” class at the pool.

Who gives the session: Our highly experienced, senior midwives; sometimes an invited guest intervenes (anesthesiologist/ resuscitation coordinator/ dietician)
Number of Sessions: 5; excluding the Breastfeeding session and the Aquagym session
Fees: 25$ per session for either prenatal or aquagym; 45 USD in a private class

For reservation or more information, please contact us on 01-682 666 ext 2103