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Prenatal Pilates

We are happy to announce at Sophia Maternity the Prenatal Pilates classes for pregnant women who are passed their first trimester.

Why would I want to join a Prenatal Class?
Joining a Pilates class will help you on so many levels. As a childbirth educator, I highly believe that in order to give birth naturally and smoothly, you have to have strong core muscles. People used to walk as much as 4 hours per day in the past centuries. Nowadays, our movement is very limited to few hundreds or a couple of thousands steps per day. The modified Pilates class will help you build those core muscles that you will use during childbirth through exercising internal muscles that you don't usually exercise while walking for example. Pilates will also help you with breathing which is an important part of giving birth and relaxing during labor.

Who hold the classes?
The classes are under the supervision of a certified pilates instructor trained in pregnancy and post pregnancy pilates and the moves were supervised by a physiotherapist who is certified in pelvic physiotherapy. It is not safe to do the regular pilates during pregnancy and after birth. Every move count!

For more information, you can watch this interview with Joanna Nawfal, owner of Sophia Maternity.

For more information, please call 03076276 or 01411266.