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  • Tuesday Aug 20 2019 until Wednesday Aug 21 2019 from 09:00 am until 05:00 pm
  • Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Conferences & Workshops

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

How To Present Your Ideas Effectively and Persude Your Audience to take Action
August 20 & 21, 2019 (9am to 5pm) – Beirut – Lebanon

This training is designed to leverage your presentation skills and makes you feel more confident presenting your ideas to influential decision makers such as your manager, clients, investors, board members, executive teams or audience.

It will provide you with tools to inspire your audience to take action, whether you’re presenting to one person or 100.

What does it include:
• Know Your Audience
• Master Communication Skills
• Overcome your Fear and Anxiety (relaxation techniques)
• Build Confidence
• Positioning on The Stage
• Control your Body Language
• How to Prepare for Your Presentation
• How to Create and Structure your Content (power point)
• Engage with your Audience
• Apply What you Learn through Rehearsal

• Increase self-confidence in delivering effective presentations by adopting a relaxed, confidence approach
• Make the most of your natural style to give an authentic presentation
• Strategies for managing anxiety and nerves
• A clear framework for structuring a presentation
• Methods for highlighting and emphasizing key messages
• The skills to use and control your body language more effectively when giving presentations
• Practical techniques to interpret and engage your audience
• Structure your content and strategy in such a way as to provide maximum clarity
• Learn how to engage with the audience, addressing their own particular concerns, and respond to questions and doubts convincingly
• Enhance your persuasive skills and be memorable
• Communicate your ideas effectively
• Use technology to your advantage (power point OR visual aids)
• Improve Your Image, Or Your Business’s image
• Build your self-esteem and confidence

General Information:
• 16 hours training
• 2 sessions - each session is 8 hours
• 2 Certificates of completion are granted
 A Certificate of Completion from Lens Business Solutions (Beirut – Lebanon)
 A Certificate of Completion from John Maxwell (A US based company)
• Regular Price: $375/attendee
• Group discount for 2 & above
• 10% early bird discount for all registrations before August 14, 2019

Contact us for details! You can register by calling +961 76 78 72 75 or sending email to