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As part of our stated mission of bringing the aesthetic experience into the public space and our daily life, we gladly announce the beginning of a summer long series of exhibitions, hosting a wide range of visual arts, poetry and philosophy, ranging from solos-, duos- and collective exhibitions.
The period of our summer exhibitions runs from the 8th of July until the 21st of September.
The first exhibition starts on Friday July 8th and lasts a week until Thursday July 14th

Sole Insight, Vendome stairs, Mar Mkhael

Moushegh Karavartanian
Myriam Sahyoun
Rudy Nacouzi

Lets meet there and make it a public achievement, get to know each other, share and enjoy these sole precious insights.

About the artists:

Moushegh Karavartanian works mostly on paintings and sculptures using diverse media. He has participated in local and international collective exhibitions, and created many murals of various sizes.
The artist has completed a BA in Fine Arts from Lebanese University Institute of Fine Arts in 2015. He has additionally attended for over 5 years a private workshop at "Atelier d'art".
The artist currently lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.

2000 to 2005, Atelier d’Art, Private Exhibitions.

2013, 3x7 meters mural. Tyre, Lebanon, Civil Engineering Society/American University of Beirut. Volunteer work.

2014, Collective painting, Converse Get Loud, Beirut, Lebanon

2014, Armenian Collective Bazar Exposition

2015, Collective Exhibition “Crossroads”, Gankar Station, Beirut, Lebanon

2016, Collective Exhibition “Heritage of Emotions”, Gallerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, France

Myriam Sahyoun
" You Are All a Figment of My Imagination . . . .
And I am the Delirium of a Madman . . ."
Myriam Sahyoun

Rudy Nacouzi
Writer and poet
Graduated in psychology
Graduated in philosophy, with a masters in Philosophy of Art
Opened Sole Insight in September 2015 as a coffeeshop concept that supports artistic and philosophical movements in the quotidian.
Since opening Sole Insight, he's been infusing the daily life with his philosophy, poetry and incarnations of a street clown.
Currently working on his thesis in philosophy of art; "provoking the aesthetic experience in the quotidian".

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