Qadisha Valley - Khalil Gibran Museum - Cedars Forest with Zingy Ride

-you will be picked up from your hotel and head direct to kozhaya-a part of the holy (Qadisha Valley) where maronites used to pray during the Ottaman's period.Monastery of St Antonie Kozhaya is one of the numerous monasteries built in Qadisha Valley,it 's built partly inside the mountain and partly's surrounded by a very beautiful panorama of forests and valley

-Afterwards you will visit Becharre a pretty welcoming village in the heart of Qadisha Valley,upon arrival,you will walk to the birthplace of the famous Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran and here you will visit the Gibran Museum.

-Afterwards Cedars of God,one of the last extensive forests of the cedars of Lebanon that once thrived across mount Lebanon in ancient times,their timber has been subsequently exploited across millenia from phoenicians,the assyrians and babylonians,to the persian and Ottomans.The woood was priced by Egyptian for shipbuilding,and the ottoman empire used the cedars for railway construction

Cost: $75 Per Person
(Couples Get a Discount)

Cost Includes:
1 - Entrance Fees
2 - Lunch
3 - Guide
4 - Hotel pick up and drop off
5 - Air Conditioned Vehicle
6 - Snacks

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