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The painting exhibition is called QOZAH - قزح extracted from “قوس قزح” meaning “Rainbow” in arabic. The Rainbow consists of seven colors, representing the number of years I have been painting (2009-2016).
This exhibition consists in showcasing some of my paintings (31 pieces) since I started & how I have been experimenting ever since.
The exhibition will be taking place in De Prague throughout February 2016 (1-29 February).

The official reception will be on 8 February 2016 - 5.00pm till 7.00pm
FB page: Artwork by Ilat K.
Instagram: @ilatk
Mob: 00961 70 109 251

About me:

Born & raised in Beirut - Lebanon, I graduated as a Graphic Designer from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Fall 2012.

I began painting since childhood. I took classes in “Fabriano” art school & with deceased painter “Haidar Hamoui”. I then started experimenting on a personal painting style in 2009.

Solo exhibitions:
- RODINIA at Particulier Chocolatier - Mar 2015 (38 paintings)

Group exhibitions:
- MISHKAL’12 Fesitval in Masrah Al-Madina (4 paintings)
- MISHKAL’13 Festival in Masrah Al-Madina (4 paintings)

I am a co-founder of the NGO AGONISTIK for performing arts (AFPA). I am also a member of MMKN NGO for supporting the students of the public schools & empowering women.

I have a wide experience in Theatre & Filmmaking since I have been actively participating in projects of the sort on regular basis starting 2008 under several working posts. I have also worked in events & festivals planning.

I enjoy reading, listening to music & traveling

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