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Course Objective:
The measurement of construction operations is an important prerequisite to financial control
and represents major skills of the quantity surveyor. This course introduces students to the basic
principles relating to the measurement of construction work. The course aims to:
Give Engineers an understanding of the processes and techniques involved in measuring,
estimating and tendering. It also gives learners an opportunity to develop skills in producing
final quantities;
Introduce students to the basic principles and techniques of measurement and description of
building work;
To develop accuracy in translating drawing works into materials schedules;
To develop skills associated with the interpretation and use of the current Standard Method of
Measurement of Building Works;
POMI to provide an introduction to the compilation and preparation of Bills of Quantities.
Appreciate the process involved in the production of descriptive tendering documentation;
Apply general guidelines to the drafting and the production of Bills of Quantities.
Indicative content:
Principles of measurement and introduction to the current Standard Method of Measurement
development: POMI , The application of measurement techniques. The measurement and
description of construction work and guidance on `taking off' a complete project by sub-division
of work into substructure, superstructure and finishes and fittings. Processing of measured work
and production of Bills of Quantities.
General Principles
SECTION A - General Requirements
SECTION B - Site Work
SECTION C - Concrete Work
SECTION E – Metal Work
SECTION F - Wood Work