This event has passed.

Do you know more about movies than any of your friends? Or just want to do something fun with your Monday? Come join Connectivity Lebanon this Monday for a Movie Night Quiz.

What is Quiz Night? A quiz night is where teams put their useless knowledge against other teams. whichever teams answers the most questions correctly win.
how does it work?
- you join a table to create a team( up to 6 People). you can come as a team or join any team.
- a list of questions is then said over a microphone and the questions will cover only movies.
-the team that get the most correct answers win! Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

Questions will cover Music from Movies, Emojis, Scenes from Movies etc..

Their are prizes on the line but the aim of this event is only for fun and to meet new people.

This Event cost 10$ including one drink.
Contact 78856558 For More Info

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