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Radkidz with Christina !

Registration is open now call 70-111096 .

Classes every Tuesday & Thursday from 5pm till 6pm .

Fees : 50 $ / month.

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With RADKIDZ Fitness Program , children develop:
Coordination ; Balance ;Strength and Power; Speed; Flexibility; Agility;
Cardio and Endurance; Awareness; Reactive Power; Bursting Power; Group
Behavior; Listening to Orders; Assertiveness; Self-confidence; Basic
Anatomy; Communication; Determination.

RADKIDZ Fitness and Games
Our classes are packed full of fun and exciting games and activities including:
• Different animal walks ; crawls and jumps like the Lizard ; the Frog and the Gorilla that develop strength and balance; Challenging activities with hoops, cones and ropes that develop agility and coordination; Ball and balloon games that develop hand-eye coordination and control; Fun races and relays that develop fitness and speed, and Dozens of different games designed specifically to teach safety and self-defense, including The Numbers Game, Danger Ball, Safety and Danger, 4 Colours, Magnets, Kung Fu and so many more... so that kids have fun and develop critical skills for self-defense without even knowing it!

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