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Rallye du Liban 2012

35th Rally of Lebanon

3rd round of the Middle East Rally Championship, is on schedule on September 7th, 8th and 9th 2012.

1952, It has all started then.
The first rally being run in the Middle East, "Rallye Liban - Syrie" with Mr. Pierre Hneineh being the winner on Renault Frigate, was organised by the Automobile and Touring Club. Thus, marking them the Middle East Pioneers of motor sports.
Yet, the concretion of the Middle East pearl of rallies had not started until the year 1968 when the 1st edition of the Rallye de Montagne took place with 14 foreign entrants out of fifty seven participants, of whom Springe the British and Sandro Munari the Italian were among them.

Other editions took place in 1970, 1973 and 1974 but, 1975 came and with it came the devastation that hit Lebanon.

The Rally had recommenced in 1980 but it was not until 1986 when the rally hit the Middle East Rally Championship doors with its candidacy, joining it in 1987 with 69 contestants. Hence, retrieve its leading role in motor sports in the region.

In 1993 the event adopted the title of Marlboro Rallye de Montagne and was renamed as the Marlboro Rally of Lebanon in the year 2000. That year, and as the result of years of expertise an persistence, the Rally of Lebanon got its candidacy to the World Rally Championship.