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Rebirth Of The Goddess

My name is Rada. I am a Heaven Sent Woman. I am a Happy Woman.
In nowaday society the gift of being a happy woman is taken away from us from early childhood. Today it is considered luck or luxury. It takes a woman some effort to get back to normal feminine state, to become a Woman again.
Being a real Woman is the best thing which can happen to a woman.
A Woman is a constant source of inspiration, she is cherrieshed and taken care of her Man. A real Woman brings luck and prosperity into her home. A real Woman has the power to transform Mr Bean into King Leonid of other words to inspire her Man become the Man of her dreams. A real Woman brings good moon everywhere she goes. She is beautiful in all her ways. Her food is divine and you never feel like leaving her home.
I am starting 4th season of Rebirth of the Goddess - a 9 months course during which i will share with you all the things you need to know in order to become a happy Woman. We will speak about absolutely every aspect in a Woman's life. You will finally discover the secrets of your own nature and the secrets of Men nature. We will talk about the omportant stages in a Woman's life. About how to build a lasting happy relation, so that your present or future marriage will not be among those 80% of divorces.
The course will be made of 9 classes. We will meet once per month.
Each class will last for 4 h and will be formed of 2 parts. In the first part I will share with you the knowledge I have accummulated and applied in my life. In the second part we will have rebirthing sessions, we will work on the most important events in our life:conceiving, pregnancy period, birth and etc.
As the previous year's experience has shown this course was useful for women of different ages, social statuses and different religious confessions. ....all of these are masks. Deep inside we are all same women with same needs.
I am here to teach you Happiness.
The group is made of 12 women.
Start of the course - April.
Fee per monthly class - 50 $.

For more info feel free to write or call 71155214 or tag in the comments. You are signed into the group once I personally confirm it.

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