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Rebirth of the Goddess - The Art of being Woman

This is a beautiful chance for a Woman to really become THE Woman.

Have you ever noticed how a prosperous man gets a new wife and he starts loosing?
Do you know stories when an simple guy marries a woman and in some times gets to the highest result in his career?
Do you know women who are beautiful, cook deliciously, are good housewives BUT their husbands are cheating on them.

who would believe that its all about US - the WOMEN!
It is totally in our hands to create or ruin.

We are living the time when we have to relearn the Art of being a woman. 99% of women are busy with spending years for studies in order to become a succeful lawer, manager, teacher, etc....but how many years you sstudy to become a woman and beloved wife?

Being a Woman is the main and first predestination of any woman. this is the most beautiful think that can happen to a girl - to be a real woman!
Today the sociaty reduces the role a Woman in its real sence to a miserable level. Being just a woman is not a accomplishment anymore. And only those who tasted the delicious nectar of Womanhood - know that this is the biggest priveledge on Earth to be a woman.
My seminar is meant to reveal all the beauties - advantages - obligations - luxaries and secrets of a real woman. - of a woman who can build a long lasting happy family. who can be a continues source of inspiration for her husband. A woman who like a magnet attracts happyness and prosperity. A woman who is always surrounded, appreciated and supported by generous people.

I invite you to our beautiful seminar - where step by step, you will rediscover yourself as a marvellous woman.
During the seminar noone will get a secret cod that will transfere you into the happy woman world.:)
its about daily work, breaking stereotypes and negative programs enheritaed from generations.

The meetings will consist of 2 parts:
the discussions and the rebirhting part (breathing technic that cleans your energy body and yoru subconscious from all negative and limiting thoughs and programs). we will breath through the most important moments in your life - conceiving, in-womb state, birth, marriage...etc.

We will meet once per month during 9 month....the development of the embryo:)

Once you confirm your participation, you agree to be present at each of 9 monthly meetings. this way you will not breake the Cirlcle of the 12 Goddesses. (so, please think is you can commit to this, if you dont have some long term travels, etc.).

the cost of one monthly session is 50$.
the duration of the session 3 h.
location beirut.

Book your place by calling me - Rada Bond - 71155214, or leaving a comment on the event page.

for more info visit or join the group on FB - Rebirthing with Rada!

It will be my previledge to share my knowledge and experience with you!

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