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Red Tent Gathering and Full Moon Meditation

"No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its time." Hal Borland

Full Moon 🌕
Spring Equinox🌎
Mother Earth Rebirth🌱🌼
Mother's Day💗
How does it get any better than that?

Isn't it the best time for a red tent to celebrate the cosmos and mama earth new stage and our new rebirth too 🌱?

On March 20, join the Red tent with Mireillee ♥️ at My Reiki Room in Jisr El Basha to celebrate all together our rebirth along with mama earth, to send gratitude🙏 to all what we have learned this winter and to release all what is not serving us anymore with the full moon..

This red tent gathering we will discuss our worries, how to learn not to take decisions when we are sad, angry and anxious but to accept and allow our emotions to be. How to trust that behind every challenge there is a positive learning that will help us understanding ourselves, our wounds, our fears to grow and bloom.. We will learn how to live in sync with mama earth 🌎 to be patient accepting that after every winter⛈️☔❄️ there is a spring🌞🌸🌸💚

Kindly book your seat before Tuesday March 19.

What is a Red Tent?
Red tent is a safe place for women to gather and talk and share their stories and emotions without being judged. This was a tradition in old civilizations where a red tent was held for women to sit there during their menstruation, labor time, pre-menopause and pre-puberty to express their emotions and support each others with love.

This tradition created a strong bond between women helping them accepting themselves, their bodies and cycles. And since our bodies as women are connected to the moon cycle, the red tent is held every new moon and full moon where most women can be ovulating and/or having their menses which make them feel lots of emotions that can be misunderstood by their surroundings.

We do create red tent to allow women to be themselves, to talk, to express, to release, to celebrate themselves and to support each others because no woman is alone in all this.

Every red tent gathering, a new topic related to our stories and challenges as women is discussed. Women are free to share their stories, their breakthrough, to listen and to offer support.

Mireillee Hammal a Reiki Master and empowering coach is organizing a red tent every monthly and has the pleasure to invite you to a red tent gathering at Transform where you will have the chance to vent, talk, express and share all the questions you need to ask and she will be delighted to guide you and to advise you.

This gathering will be a great opportunity to learn that every woman is enough, special and unique. Every woman and mama has the right to blossom and to shine!

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