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Kazadoo presents "Reem et les 5 Lumières" on May 1, 2 and 3 from 4:30PM to 7:00PM at theater Georges V, Adonis.

About the Play:

Reem is the fairy of Joy and happiness and travels around Lebanon to spread joy and festivity all year around.

Reem Prolongs spring just by her presence and magically can talk to animals. She Is hated much by an evil woman.

Reem is invited to bubble town (a secret magical town in Lebanon) in order to spread joy and happiness like every arrival of spring each year.

As soon as she arrives with her friends to sing and dance, she discovers a tremendous winter sadness that has overcome the whole town. Cold, sorrow, unhappiness has eaten up the town.
It is the evil Isidora that have cast her spell in order not to hear ever again any laughter and happiness all around the kingdom.

Now everyone is sad, and not able to laugh, dance, smile, love and nor be nice to each other. They are either crying or being bad to each other and fighting all the time.

Reem had to take immediate action. She seeks the guidance of her Grand Father “ Jeddo “ who is a very wise old man that lived for unknown reason hundreds of years.

“Jeddo” advises Reem to find & use the “magical doorway of 5 realms.

This magical Door will allow REEM to travel magically to 5 different countries and gather 5 smiles and happiness from people from those dominions. Once this secret recipe of 5 laughs and Happiness is harvested, REEM will have to use it on the evil Isidora and overcome winter and sadness.

You will get the chance to travel to 5 different countries with Reem this year! :)