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Riazanov Ballistic Street self Defense

These days power speaks ! Val will Visit Beirut for a one day Seminar, where he will be teaching Convincing, Valuable and Exceptional Methods compared to whatever you have learned before, for You not to become the next victim Of Today's Sociopath Violent Criminals.

Seminar Date : 11 / March / 2018

Book Now 70 943 603

Dead Line of payment
2nd /March/2018

Val Riazanov , Russian Martial Arts Master

- Master 6th Degreee in Judo and Sambo as a member of the Russian Olympic squad for 6 years.
- KGB trainer, training soldiers in hand to hand combat Sambo
-12 years as a Security Consultant for the British Government and private companies
- Systema expert
- Creator of the Ballistic Striking method
- Val has also conducted several seminars in Holland, Ireland, in the Ukraine by special invitation from Ukrainian Government, Ireland and Russia. Along with training US Marine Corps at the US embassy in London along with competing in unlicensed boxing and free style fighting to become a heavy weight champion in Great Britain

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