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Cultural advisor to the Consulate General of the Republic of <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript:void(0)"><u style="border-bottom: 1px solid;">Latvia</u></a> to Lebanon, / Director of Michelangelo Academy of Arts / Member & jury in the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon, “Synography” / Founder and owner OF Vestiges D’Orient Atelier D'Art in Gemayzeh & Dbayeh since 1985/Member of the International Association of Plastic Arts/ Member of the Lebanese Artists Association for Painting And Sculpture // Organizer of the Lebanese-Latvian Arts Exhibition in Lebanon / Organizer of first international exhibition 2010 “Association Nouvelle Phenicie”/ Organizer of many symposiums/More than 180 live shows done in many universities and schools in Lebanon and abroad /Architect Engineer / Interior Designer
Renno was granted many Awards, Certificates, medals, cups from differents Municipalities & Universities from Lebanon, Mexico.Latvia. Egypt. France, Saudi Arabia . Syria.Italie,Canada .U.S,A
He has perfectly been identified as the artist of live show, workshops and symposiums.
Several of his paintings are located in the Lebanese republic palace.
Noujoum Ramadan –Best Artist-Painter in The Arab World 2010
One of the Artist’s paintings was chosen for a Brazilian cover book “Alma” written by Luciano F. Aschkar. Member of the jury Art Contest.Concours d'art... http:// DIRECTOR & designer for the “Castle’s Company” – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia //The cover of many drawing books (MCOLOR) // Choosing some of his paintings to foreign (Italian) poets (Immagine & Poesia) Recommended Cultural & Member in the Bee Event’s Jury ( La Journee Internationale De La Paix. //Member of the jury Green Your Screen-Capture the Moment Photography Jarir Aley ( Casa cofounder / Lebanon - Art Olympic Casa //Art director of Dioceses Maronita Mexico.Gold Medal & Diploma from “Merite et Devouement Francais” 2010
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