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Art on 56th has the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition of Rafik Majzoub "Room 11"
Opening reception Friday 21 October, 2016 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Exhibition will run from 21 October - 5 November, 2016.
The artist will be present.

Artist Statement:

A short story... Room 11:
For some reason a smile on my face,
with a bit of pain,
I’m happy sad
don't know what will I dream and
what tomorrow will be if it will be.

Rafik Majzoub :

Born in 1971, Rafik Majzoub is a Lebanese painter and graphic artist. His paintings are raw, sarcastic and tense, and display sharp, tortured faces. Majzoub is self-taught and considers himself an “outsider artist,” claiming a prominent position in the Lebanese art scene. His figurative canvases focus on the quest for the self. Each line, tonality, form and brushtroke is expressive, yet unfinished, creating the illusion of continuality towards progress. This unfinished quality resonates with the essential incapability of the human being to achieve perfection in a world that thrives in imperfection. Majzoub’s technique is rooted in polarity, in tension, and in spontaneity. He works from instinct, liberating the unconscious to send a message about the nature of humanity. The artist favors carelessness over exactidude, freedom over calculation. His work is one of improvisation, translating ideas of the mind into visual experiences.

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