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Art on 56th has the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition of Abed Abdi, Karim Abu Shakra, Fouad Agbaria, Michael Hallak & Samah Shihadi
"Roots of identity"
Opening Reception:
Tuesday, 13 December, 2016 | 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Exhibition will run from 13 December, 2016 - 7 January, 2017.

"My roots gripped down before time began.
Before the blossoming of ages,
Before Cypress trees and Olive trees,
Before grass sprouted "

قبل ميلاد الزمان رست
و قبل تفتح الحقب
و قبل السرو و الزيتون
و قبل ترعرع العشب

- محمود درويش

This exhibition is in collaboration with Rula Alami, whose attachment to Middle Eastern cultures led her to develop a rich knowledge of Middle Eastern art and organize several exhibitions throughout the region

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