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We know how impossible it is to extract yourself from work on certain days and how frustrating it makes you feel knowing you could have been “Ooming” right about the same time your boss calls you in on an important conference call with god knows who. Ruby Tuesday is all about calling it a day and forgetting about it too. This LATE EVENING CLASS will give you an opportunity to wade off the stagnation of sitting behind a desk and finding the stillness of the mind as you float back into your center and out of the crazy rat race eating at you day after day. A perfect blend of effort and relaxation designed to keep your worries at bay, not to mention reaping the benefits of skipping dinner once in a while and lightly marching your body through the gates of Dreamland.

The reason behind the name of this class is simple: On one hand you probably know it by now, we are filled with music at USQY and happen to love the Rolling Stones. On another hand, rubies symbolize the sun, and their glowing hue suggests an inextinguishable flame believed to shine through even the darkest nights. Legend also says they banish nightmares and keep you safe at night. Do you need more reasons to join?

Caters to workaholics in need of a healthy escape or yoga junkies who just can’t get enough. All levels welcome. Duration: 90 min

Register by sms only + 961 3 288 569
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For am classes register the night before
For pm classes register the same day
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Layal has been practicing Yoga for seven years and has completed her Teacher Training at YogaWorks NYC in June 2008. What she hopes to offer to her students is the ability to activate the tools residing within themselves to find the clarity, peace and perfection they are meant to experience and manifest. In her teachings, she combines vigour, flow and precision in each asana to create a practice that is safe all the while creative and playful. She will also occasionally rock you into savasana with her enchanting voice.