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  • Thursday Sep 13 2012 from 09:00 pm until 12:00 am
  • Metro Al Madina - Saroulla Bldg, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Music, Nightlife

Ruptured, Tunefork & Metro al Madina
bring you the release of the 1st album by


Paed CONCA (Ch) / Stéphane RIVES (Fr) / Fadi TABBAL (Lb)

CD Launch & Live Performance
on Thursday 13 September 2012, 9pm

> With opening act Liliane CHLELA (Lb)

> Entrance 20000LL (including the new CD)

Metro Al Madina
Hamra, Saroulla Building (-2)
Facebook :
e-mail: /
Phone: 76-309363

[This event benefits from the financial support of Ambassade de Suisse au Liban]

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UNDER THE CARPET is a musical trio based in Beirut, formed in 2011 by Swiss musician Paed Conca, French musician Stéphane Rives, and Lebanese musician Fadi Tabbal

PAED CONCA is an experienced and seasoned musician in the fields of experimental music, improvised music and electronica. He has also written music for theatre, dance, film productions and small ensembles, and has toured extensively in Europe, Russia, Japan and Lebanon, with a vast array of international musicians, for the past 20 years.
His recent projects in Lebanon include PRAED, with Raed Yassin; THE INCOMPETENTS, with Serge Yared, Fadi Tabbal, Stéphane Rives & Maya Aghniatis; and ANARCHY TV, with Rives, Mazen Kerbaj & Sharif Sehnaoui.


STÉPHANE RIVES comes from the world of free jazz and improvised music, and has contributed on a regular basis to Lebanon’s Festival of improvised music, Irtijal, since its inception in the year 2001. He has written music for theatre, dance and film, and has toured extensively in Europe.
His recent projects in Lebanon include THE IMAGINARY SOUNDSCAPES, with Frédéric Nogray; THE INCOMPETENTS, with Fadi Tabbal, Serge Yared, Paed Conca & Maya Aghniatis; ANARCHY TV, with Conca, Mazen Kerbaj & Sharif Sehnaoui


FADI TABBAL is one of the most active musicians in Beirut’s alternative rock & pop scene, as a member of several groups and projects, and as the owner and sound engineer of the famed Tunefork Recording Studios.
He is a full-time member of psychedelic rock band THE INCOMPETENTS and experimental rock quartet XEFM, and collaborates frequently with folk singer Youmna Saba and punk band Scrambled Eggs. He is a guest player on albums by folk groups Adonis & Sandmoon, hip-hop crew Fareeq el Atrash, etc.


LILIANE CHLELA is a Lebanese musician, composer and producer, whose singular approach to music and unusual sound treatments are complemented with distinct experimental hardware techniques and composition tools. Her music is an experiment of sounds produced through a rare amalgam of instruments, hardware and gears.

Intrigued by the interconnection of improvised music, image and movement, Liliane also produces music for short films and contemporary dance. She has collaborated with several artists from various artistic domains (music, fashion, visual art...), and is the co-founder of post-rock collective HEZBEL TALETA and drum'n bass trio THE DnB PROJECT.


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