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Samurai X - Theater Performance by Dreamers Japan
(The stage has been finally confirmed. Thank you so much for your understanding.)

In 1867, there was a Lebanese man who decided to go to Japan to learn Bushido, Samurai Codes. He encountered Samurai and learned about 7 virtues, Justice (義 gi), Courage (勇 yū), Mercy (仁 jin), Respect (礼 rei), Honesty (誠 makoto), Honour (名誉 meiyo), and Loyalty (忠義 chūgi).

*Performed in Japanese with Arabic narration by Mohamed Temraoui.

Le Théâtre Beryte, USJ Human Sciences Campus, Rue Damas, Beirut
Tel: 01202422

<Admission> Free

Anthony Ghorayeb
Rinka Takemina
Hana Dbaibo
Hiba Dbaibo
Souta Yamada
Mohamed Temraoui
Andrew Findell-Aghnatios
Junko Hoki
Kana Yoneyama

Directed by Eiko Minami

In collaboration with CAJAP, USJ

<Special thanks>
Professor Michel Jabre, USJ
Younes Abou Khzam
Mohsen Al Zaher
Jad Abou Jaoude
Masashi Kamimura
Junko Hoki
Roy AlKossayfi

T: 01 421 000

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