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Are you passionate about writing your own screenplays? Then who is better than a scriptwriter who has captured the interest of major regional channels and producers with his screenplays, and who has an upcoming cinema movie in 2017 across Lebanon, the Middle East and Europe, to guide you through the process of screenwriting and inspire you to create amazing scripts!
G&J Productions presents its new Screenwriting Curriculum tailored to help you step closer towards realizing your potential!
Screenwriting level A1 is an initiation to screenwriting and finding the writer within you, through an exploration of multidimensional characters, time and setting, dialogue and writing as a lifestyle… This will be achieved using a lot of fun exercises.
Course Instructor: Jad El Khoury
Jad El Khoury is an internationally published Author of “The Jade Necklace” book from the series “Symphony of Dusk”. Jad also has an upcoming movie “And Action” to be released in cinemas early 2017 and several plays on his portfolio, in addition to being a creative writing, screenwriting instructor, a copywriter, and the Creative Director at G&J Productions.

Dates and timing:
This level consists of 14 sessions extending over 3 months, with two timeslots you could choose from:
Option 1:
Wednesdays from 11 AM to 1 PM; starting Wednesday November 2, 2016
Option 2:
Wednesdays from 6 PM to 8 PM; starting Wednesday November 2, 2016

Sessions breakdown:
Session 1: Find the WRITER within you
Meet and greet: ice-breakers
The session aims to bring out the writer inside every single one of you, through fun exercises; and to introduce you to what it means to be a writer who follows a creative lifestyle.

Session 2: Basic format for screenwriters
Learn the universal language of script and how to communicate with the vast cast and crew through your script.
Session 3: Basic format application
Apply the learned format through fun exercises
Session 4: Freestyle improvisation
With actor Jad Khater, who is starring in G&J Productions’ upcoming movie “And Action” to be released in cinemas early 2017, in addition to multiple roles in series, plays, and TVCs, learn how to breakout of your own persona; to project new personalities onto your characters.
Session 5: Critique session 1
Write your own screenplay and receive feedback
Session 6: The art of writing a good character
Learn how to write a multidimensional, real, believable character that are unique!
Session 7: Time and Setting
Learn what makes the difference between a novel and a screenplay, how to describe in a screenplay and how to properly convey the characters’ actions and feelings.
Session 8: Set dynamics
Learn what are the screenwriter’s duties and rights, how things proceed on a movie set and what the different tasks on a set are. Explore the process of producing a movie up-close with our very own And Action movie producer, Georges Bou Mansour.
Session 9: Make your characters speak
Dialogue is an essential part of a screenplay!
Learn how to write witty lines; and how to make your characters speak convincingly and realistically
Session 10: Writing as a lifestyle
Writing day for the entire class with their instructor; to work on their individual projects
Session 11: Critique session 2
Learn how to give constructive criticism and receive feedback on your work
Session 12: Movie critique 1
This session is a fun activity session with your instructor, where you will all watch a movie and discuss it

Session 13: Movie critique 2
Critique the movie you watched in session 12, from a screenwriter’s perspective (critique a script).
Session 14: Final presentation
Present the progress you achieved so far on your project and receive feedback
A student might take on more than one project during this class!

What’s next???
After finishing level A1, you can navigate through our curriculum levels A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 and C3:
Level A2: Progress in writing your own project in order to finish a part of the first draft. In-depth study of outline, pitching, research and the different genres of media.
Level B1: Continue writing your project with in-depth specific feedback. Introduction to the different genres in movies. Brief introduction to the world of theater (play writing). Embark on advanced character building through sets and props study.
Level B2: finalize your first draft. Introduction to the world of adaptations from comics and novels. Learn how to build characters through wardrobe and make-up, and how to communicate with producers, actors and directors. Complete a training by either being a writer’s assistant or filling any position on set. Learn the filmmakers’ lingo.
Level C1: Start working on your second draft. The class will begin working on a web-series with their instructor.
Level C2: You will finalize your second and third draft during this level. Learn all about the basics of filmmaking and shoot a very short project on your own in order to be able to give serious justifiable comments that would be constructive and taken into consideration on set.
Level C3: Complete your final draft. Prepare your pitch portfolio. At the same time, every student will be working on a project as a writer (TV series or web-series) with their instructor; as a paid position.

G&J Productions’ offices and working space: Jdeideh, Sagesse Street, Bambook Center block A, 5th floor.
Tel: 71-670359 / 03-279441

Please register using this link:

Fees and Payment:
Fees are 200,000 LBP per month for 3 months.
If full payment is made in advance for the 3 months, you will benefit from a 10% discount.
Don’t forget to ask about student discounts!

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