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  • Wednesday Nov 06 2019 from 05:30 pm until 08:30 pm
  • I Have Learned Academy, Highway of Mirna Chalouhi (Bauchrieh - Sin El Fil , Street nbr 2 - Bldg 1140, Bloc B - 5th floor, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor, Conferences & Workshops

Self-defense for street attacks
Workshop at I Have Learned Academy

Street attacks of all sorts are happening more and more around us.
Therefore, knowing how to protect yourself is becoming crucial.

Whether you think that you are in danger or not, learning basic self-defense can be the difference between getting away or experiencing serious or even life-threatening injuries.

Luckily, there are plenty of self-defense techniques for men and women that can help you protect yourself in any situation.
You will learn:
- How to defend yourself from street attacks
- How to act when you are attacked unexpectedly from a group
- How to deal with Sticks Attacks & beating
- How to deal with Tear Gas Bombs
- How to deal with weapons & heavy objects
- How to master your mind and keep your self-control under attack

- This workshop will be done by a Systema Self-defense expert trainer:
Systema is a healthy, and efficient self defense system from Russia. It can be customized to all genders or ages , and is easy to learn by anyone.

Systema deals with all types of weapons attack or hand to hand, as well psychological attack , and what to do in case of emergencies .

Systema has four pillars - Breathing, Relaxation, Body Position, and Movement, as well as utilizing an attacker's momentum against him and controlling the six body levers (elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles, and shoulders) through pressure point application, striking, and weapon applications.

Trainer Bio:
Tarek is a specialist in Systema Self-Defense, he graduated from Russia.
Tarek started learning martial arts when he was 5 years old then got stuck in SYSTEMA which awakened him to not only understand himself more but to also understand people more.

Tarek has 2 black belt in karate, 2 black belt in jiu jitsu and 5 black belt of hapkido. He has traveled to Russia to continue his higher education of SYSTEMA Russian combat science. He became highly ranked in SYSTEMA and survival under extreme conditions. He has given more than 35 seminars, locally and internationally. He is also specialized in criminal psychology from the SYSTEMA tactical perspective. Tarek is also the head of SYSTEMA Lebanon.

Investment is only 48$ and during this difficult period, if you think you cannot afford it but want to come use the below code on ihjoz or in Malik's: fortheloveoflebanon to get a 50% discount
so you get it at only 24$
Please use the code ONLY if you cannot afford the fees.
Students get a 10% discount anyway, email us on with your student card for the code.

Add certificate: +10$

Tickets can be booked online on Ihjoz:

And Offline from Malik's Bookshop any branch, Khoury Home, or I Have Learned Academy.

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.

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