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Seminar: Creative Writing with FADE IN:

Whether you’ve been writing your whole life and you need a fresh look at your creative process, or, you haven’t picked up a pen in ages, this workshop is for you.

Given by Nadia Tabbara, this one-day practical seminar takes your creativity to another level by mixing creative-centered skills with storytelling technique.

The first thing you do, even before introducing yourself, is write. The day will begin with concepts of idea building and application; then tools to push you to transform your ideas into stories.

You'll discover:

1. The creative side of your brain
2. The art of short-story writing
3. A taste of screenwriting (who knows, you might take your story and translate it into the screen)
4. Applying your creative brain in life: Using concepts of creativity for your daily exchanges

Training is given in English and Arabic is spoken. Writing can be in any language!

Who can take this workshop?
FADE IN: participants are architects, engineers, copywriters, advertisers, marketeers, bankers, ngo coordinators, strategists, doctors (yes!), accountants, filmmakers, writers... At fadein, we don't believe that creativity has levels or has a certain "job". We guide you to make creative writing part of your life, where you can start and finish your projects and keep producing more and more creative work.

Saturday 13 July 2019
11:00 am – 2:00pm
*with coffee. Always.

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Invest in your creativity:
$50 total
Registration is a must. Space is limited and we do fill up!

Aaliya's Books
End of Gemmayze street, just before the church with the green door and the electricity building - in the alleyway next to Coquley Resto.

Call, whatsapp, email or send an owl:
+961 71 931 722