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SKY TEEN Program

In SKY TEEN PROGRAM teenagers will be able to try out many professional sports activities and dance classes at a time, where they will discover their physical abilities, passions, and preferences. As well they will have life coaching and general knowledge sessions weekly to improve their behavior and attitude, become more confident, learn how to set and achieve their goals.

SKY TEEN PROGRAM is a 6-week program running from July 17 until August 25, Monday to Friday, 9 am- 1 pm. Full program Fee is $450

This program includes:
Sports Classes: Self-defense, Speed strength conditioning, Thai Boxing, Calisthenics …

Studies have proven that at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day is necessary for young people aged between 5-18 years old. For many young people, this physical activity doesn’t just happen, it needs to be planned.
At SKY TEEN PROGRAM, teens will be exposed to a variety of classes at once with professional trainers where they will have the chance to discover their strength, passions, and interests. Throughout the program, challenges and competitions will be held to create excitement and strong will.

Dancing Classes: Hip-hop, Reggaeton, Zumba, Latin

Dancing is not only a fun physical activity but also a strong emotional expression where creative thinking skills are developed along with self-confidence, discipline, and commitment.
Dance improves body movements, posture, endurance, and flexibility. It is a great opportunity to teach teens the importance of being part of something larger than themselves.

Life coaching and Goal Setting Sessions: with Nena Abou Atme Chalhoub

It is a wake-up call about what it takes to reach success. Teens will practice vision board across the two months’ period of the program, at the end they will be able to create their own vision board which they will refer to during the coming year or even more.
By learning and applying the goal setting skill, they will become more confident and will start aiming for higher goals. They will implement goal setting skill to achieve better grades, sports, relationships, saving or making money, and especially in what they are going to major in.
They will learn Who to trust and surround themselves with, how to keep a positive attitude to get positive results. The sessions will be supported by interactions, exercises, games, videos, images, and a PowerPoint presentation that will cover all types of learning.
Teens will get into the real world, they will discover what responsibility is and that it’s time for them to make their own decisions and actions in life. They will become Decision-makers.

Acting and Drama classes: with Lebanese actor Charbel Ziade

With acting and public speaking classes, the lack of confidence and low self-esteem issues will become history. This experience will change their lives and personalities, teach them how to confront people and talk in public, how to project and glow, how to express themselves and use their body and voice. After all, life is a big stage and we all are actors.

At SKY TEEN PROGRAM we make sure to give your teens the needed general knowledge and provide them with the answers to questions they do not usually ask their parents nor their teachers. Each week we will have friendly sessions covering a variety of topics including
Food Education and Supplements, Documentaries and Religion related discussions, Future Profession discussions with doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessman… and much more.

*all our trainers and instructors are professional and certified.

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