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Exeed and BLC Bank collaborated to create the “SME Academy”, a set of business education and talent development programs, customized specifically to help entrepreneurs and SME owners manage, sustain and grow their businesses. The SME Academy is kindly supported by Berytech

The Business Foundation Program is an SME Academy program and covers 4 business-learning workshops. BLC Bank clients can benefit from this program for as low as 87$ / month

Program Duration and Timing

Program runs for 2 sessions/ week – Tuesday & Thursday
Each session is half a day (4 hours)
Program extends over 22 sessions

Program Outline

Business Planning – 3 sessions
Accounting Fundamentals – 5 sessions
Marketing and Sales Fundamentals – 6 sessions
4 Personal Productivity Workshops – 7 sessions
BONUS SESSION: The Business Plan

Register NOW and receive a full learner’s kit, 2 Assessments Exercises, and 5 Mentoring Sessions for FREE!


For more information about SME Academy, kindly call Exeed at +961 1 742 410

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