This event has passed.

Smokey Night every Thursday at Hemingway's Lounge.

Enjoy our three courses set menu with two glasses of whiskey on the rhythm of our live music at 59$ per couple.
For reservations, call us 03696362 or 01869666.


Assorted of Bread Basket and vegetable comfit

APPETIZER: Choose one of the appetizers options
Selection of two kind of Smoked Cold Cuts on Platter (Pork Ham & Pork Sausage)
Selection of two Kind of Smoked Cold Cut on Platter (Smoked Chicken Breast, Dry Beef Pepper)
Selections of two kind of smoked fish on Platter (Smoked Salmon & Smoked Trout)
Selections of two kind of smoked Cheeses on Platter (Scamorza & Smoked Gouda Cheese)

MAIN COURSE: Choose one of the main course options
Sliced Smoked Duck Breast with jacket Potato with crunchy smoked almond and red pepper coulis
Or Smoked Salmon with Brandade with chives and smoked paprika, Mesclum salad

Elegant Xocopilli Chocolate cake and Macaroon Coffee/Orange

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