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Following the current storm Zeena, Lebanon’s mountains will have fresh snow. Fresh snow means a fresh start for 2015. Are you ready to discover this Sunday the nature in white? Let us meet for a snowshoeing excursion From Matkoubeh toward Al Sharbineh. Snowshoeing is very accessible and the learning curve is almost non-existent– if you can walk the path you should be able to rent some snowshoes and be off into the forest like a pro in no time…. Each destination offers unique experience. The trail will take us through the beautiful alleys with amazing sceneries in a region known for it’s natural resources!!!

Technical information
Meeting point: Beirut car Park
Reservation dead line: Friday 9 January 2015
Level: Moderate Trail's Length: 8 Kms

For reservation, contact us:
By Mail:
By cell/ sms: 03 – 48 65 51 OR 71 – 72 81 65
By WhatsApp/ Viber: 03 – 48 65 51

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